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Audience and Lecturer

& Other Services

Seminars and Workshop

We have expertise in various areas and frequently design seminars, workshops, and consultations for those interested. As part of our mission, we lend our professional services to Churches, ministries, and various community entities to encourage better living in practical ways.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Stress Management

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Communication & Conflict

  • Marriage & Family Development

  • Child and Adolescent Development

  • Counseling & Psychology Training

Counseling Ministry Training

We believe that counseling is the final frontier for the Christian, and so many are untrained in the very area they are called to minister to --People! 

Isaiah called the Messiah "The Wonderful Counselor," Jesus called the Holy Spirit "the Counselor," God the Father has been referred to as a counselor throughout scripture, Solomon teaches us the value of good counsel, and Apostle Paul's ministry showed us what ministerial counselor might look like. As Christians, deliverance is just the beginning; we must be willing to deal with and help those who have an inheritance of sin, teaching and counseling them how to live better lives in practical ways.

We provide Christian Counseling Certification and training for Christians, Churches, Ministries, and Church Staff who desire to enter the ministry and practice of Christian counseling, or may desire to have a counseling church ministry. Most Christians in ministry are already counseling in one form or another. Certification and training provide a sound foundation in Biblical doctrine, theology, psychology, counseling, and mental health necessary to inform, guide, and ground Christian counselors when helping people. Our training will also equip counselors with the knowledge of psychological and counseling theory applicable to various counseling settings and individual, couple, and family needs.

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