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Our Approach 


At Arise and Live, through the Holy Spirit, we strive to breathe life into marriages.



“To partner with families, churches, and ministries to advance the Gospel of Christ in the world, by healing, preserving, and empowering mankind’s central social institution –the marital unit.”



The vision of Arise and Live is to see marriages set in Godly order while influencing a global society through their marital depiction of the gospel.

We are Christ-centered counselors who believe God, creator of the human body, has gifted some with the gift of counsel and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. We exist to provide mental, social and spiritual health services to individuals, couples, families and those in our community. We believe that counseling is not simply good listening, rather it is a ministry consisting of in-depth insight and the willingness to listen intently, while the Holy Spirit provides the solution.  

Approach to Mental Health

When God created Adam and Eve, they were created biologically perfect. While we know they both experienced fullness of health, they also experienced the fullness of cognition and mind. Health is not limited to physical well-being but also psychological well-being—mental health. Sin has caused a breakdown throughout all of creation.

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The human body has also experienced this decay resulting in vulnerability and sickness. The human mind, also part of the body, was impacted by sin, causing dysregulation of emotion and mind; therefore, man’s inability and struggle to manage his psychological faculties is a direct result of the fall.

Physical health problems are a result of a misalignment between body and Spirit, and healing is achieved and maintained through the Spirit's authority over the body. Likewise, mental health problems are a result of misalignment between the soul and Spirit; and healing is achieved and maintained through the Spirit's authority over the soul.
Mental health disorders are typically characterized by a psychological disturbance, sometimes followed by physiological and neurological changes. When medication, which at times may be needed, is used to treat mental health distress, the medication is treating the symptoms, not curing the source of the distress. The source is somewhere in the mind (or spiritually speaking, the soul).
Scripture instructs us to renew our minds. It is through this understanding that the cure to mental health disorders is by renewing the mind. As one renews their mind in Christ, they realign their soul (the soul houses thoughts and emotions) with the Spirit of God. Without this understanding, medication is misunderstood as the cure, reliance on medication is developed, practical skills are never learned, and the mind is never renewed.
We use a combination of practical identification of the problem, skills-building and implementation, and realignment with Christ through the application of God’s Word.

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