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Christian Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Whether your goal is to overcome a specific problem or to simply learn new marital skills, we are here to help guide you and ensure you meet your goals. Our marriage counseling is designed precisely to address the needs of your relationship and family. We will assist you in identifying areas of decreased marital satisfaction and relationship distress, then help you set goals and teach you how to reach and maintain these goals.  


Topics we may cover: God’s Design for Marriage, Sex & Intimacy, Divorce Predictors & Prevention, Infidelity & Adultery, Communication & Conflict, Trauma & Greif, Growing Apart, Financial Literacy, Irreconcilable Differences, Manhood & Womanhood, Responsiveness, and more.

Services & Prices

Weekly Sessions

Individual sessions offer you the flexibility to take as little or as many sessions as you like. You may present any topic(s) you feel needs to be addressed, or you may leave this task to the counselor. Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Typical sessions usually begins with meeting with the counselor to discuss the problem(s) that led you to counseling, what you want to get out of counseling (your goals), and a plan that may be taken to achieve your goals. Sessions that follow will all support achieving your counseling goals and minimization of the problem(s).


Most couples wait too long to seek help for their relationship. When they do it's too late.

Don't be the couple who waits.

Call: (770) 728-8333

$60 - $80 Per Session

Sex & Intimacy Lab

In this 90 minute workshop style lab you will engage in intimacy building games, dialogue, and various other tasks and activities. An often underdeveloped area in marriage is sex and intimacy; this lab seeks to change this if you are bold enough to explore!

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