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Direct and intense focus for building sex and intimacy in your marriage.

We focus on three content areas

Spiritual & Psychological

During this stage, you will focus on your spiritual, emotional, and cognitive connections. This stage aims to develop and arouse healthy pathways that are the seeds of a long-lasting intimate marriage. Vulnerability and freedom begin here.

Physical Touch &

Touch builds upon the prior stage and teaches you how to put passion into action while expanding your understanding of love and affection. The goal of touch is to help you mature beyond your romantic comfort zone while mastering how to meet the connecting needs of your spouse.

Fulfill is the culminating stage where sexual desire and sexual fulfillment are explored. Couples learn how to be completely comfortable with each other’s sexuality. The goal here is to explore and establish healthy and satisfying experiences of sex.

What To Expect

You will be taken on a journey of intimate discovery in these workshop-style sessions.

What is intimacy? Such an ambiguous word at times that seems to create unclear expectations for its user. For some, it is a word with a precise definition and expectancy that cannot be left unfulfilled. However, for many, it seems fleeting, almost mythical. They have heard of its wonder but never personally experienced its full glory. Intimacy, as you will learn, is an experience that explores, reveals, and fulfills the innermost parts of who you are. 

Intimacy is a place, a place you create. It is such a multifaceted experience with many details of intricacy. As part of God’s intention, he has created us as three-part beings, (1) spirit, (2) soul, and (3) body. These three parts not only make up our humanity, but they also correlate to the experiential phenomenon of intimacy. Intimacy is not a single act, and it cannot be relegated to a physical experience. Rather, it is sensed throughout your entire being; it is stimulated in the spirit, touched in the soul, and fulfilled in the body. Once mastered, intimacy cannot be delineated in any way; it simply is. 

Assessment. One of the first tasks is completing a sex and intimacy assessment. This will help to identify areas of strength and areas of growth. The data also provides us with information on how to structure personalized interventions. Periodic assessments may be conducted to track progress.

Design. Once your assessment results are reviewed, you will engage in a series of activities designed to enhance your areas of opportunities. Activities may include games, dialogue, role playing and simulation, exercises, and other engaging activities.

Helps With

  • Decreased (boring) sexual satisfaction

  • Concerns about sexual desire or arousal

  • Body image or sexual confidence levels

  • Concerns about emotional and mental states

  • Concerns about sexual interests or sexual orientation

  • Reignite fire and passion

  • Impulsive or compulsive sexual behavior

  • Address sexual anxiety

  • Provide sex education

  • Erectile functioning concerns

  • Ejaculating early Premature ejaculation

  • Difficulty with sexual arousal

  • Trouble reaching orgasm

  • Painful intercourse

  • Sexual drive & personality differences

  • Past sexual experiences

Expected to be challenged outside of your comfort zone!

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