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Helper Fatigue Assessments

Welcome to the Healer Fatigue Assessments!


Here, you'll find four distinct assessments: Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Transference, and Vicarious Trauma. Feel free to take one or all four. Taking all assessments is recommended for a more accurate understanding of your current emotional state.

Burnout (Go To Assessment)

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress or involvement in emotionally demanding situations. It can result from a combination of factors such as work-related stress, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of support or recognition.

Compassion Fatigue (Go To Assessment​)

Compassion fatigue refers to the physical, emotional, and psychological exhaustion that can result from caring for and helping traumatized or suffering individuals over an extended period. It often affects professionals like healthcare workers, counselors, and first responders who regularly interact with people in distress.

Vicarious Trauma (Go To Assessment​)

Vicarious trauma, also known as secondary trauma or secondary stress, occurs when individuals who are exposed to others' traumatic experiences begin to experience symptoms similar to those who directly experienced the trauma. It can manifest as intrusive thoughts, emotional numbing, or changes in worldview.

Countertransference (Go To Assessment​)

Countertransference refers to the therapist's emotional responses and reactions toward a client that may be based on their own unresolved conflicts or past experiences. It involves the therapist's unconscious feelings or biases affecting their therapeutic relationship and may hinder effective treatment.

Compassion Fatigue
Vicarious Trauma
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