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Online Counseling Options Available

We will assist you in identifying areas of decreased marital satisfaction and relationship distress, then help you set goals and teach you how to reach and maintain these goals. Everything from infidelity to marriage enhancement sessions, we specialize in treating and helping marriages succeed.

Individual counseling provides you with the opportunity to address and resolve distressful concerns. Whether you are dealing with depression, meaninglessness, anxiety, shifting moods, trauma, or uncertainty, we have skilled Christian counselors ready to pray with you and lead you on a path of healing.

Our premarital counseling is specifically designed to help guide you and your partner to a successful decision to marry or not. We have honest and transparent discussions about proven principles that contribute to and affect marital satisfaction.

Our family counseling is an excellent solution for strained families needing help with their family systems. Unhealthy member alliances, unforgiveness, dysfunctional development, blending challenges, addictions, and disconnection are only some reasons people seek family counseling.


Sex & Intimacy Lab

In this 90 minute workshop style lab you will engage in intimacy building games, dialogue, and various other tasks and activities.


An often underdeveloped area in marriage is sex and intimacy; this lab seeks to change this if you are bold enough to explore!

Sex Workshop For Married Couples
Communication Workshop

An innovative and effective treatment designed to bring awareness to your defense mechanisms with the goal of:

1. Enhancing Communication Skills

2. Reducing Stress


90 minute sessions consists of using mindful communication techniques and biofeedback.

Additional Services

April 3rd - 6th
(4 Days, 3 Nights)

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Free Mental Health Tool Kit for Churches, Ministries, and Christian Leaders

  • Mental Health Ministry Training

  • Counseling Certification 

  • Marriage Coach Certification

Getting Help

Waiting too long for help typically results in deeper dysfunction, increased severity, compounding issues, longer recovery. Give us a call to begin your path to healing your marriage, saving your family, or rediscovering who you are.

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Retreat Center For Married Couples


Marriage and Wellness Sanctuary