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Milton & Myra Lott

Christian Counselors

Milton Myra Marriage Counselors

Milton and Myra Lott have been married over 30 years. They have known each other since they were children attending church in Detroit, Michigan. They were friends for years, then their friendship changed into a deep love and respect. They are the proud parents of three adult children.  

The Lotts attend Turning Point Church in McDonough, GA.  They have a heart for youth as well as a heart for couples.  Since moving to Georgia in 1995, the couple has served as Youth Leaders as well as Couple Ministry Leaders. For the past 8 years, they have also led many Financial Peace small groups in their church.  Milton holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and is a Certified Financial Coach. Myra has a Bachelor's degree in English and is a Project Manager. The Lotts are both Certified Christian Counselors.


Through their many gifts and love of people and desire to help families stay together they are able to help couples navigate through varied difficulties while always keeping God as a focal point in their counseling sessions.

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