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Dante & Tanesha Houston

Certified Christian Counselors

Donte and Tanesha Marriage Counselors

Dante and Tanesha entered each other's lives in 2007 and married in 2011. They are parents of 7 beautiful children and have a passion for sharing God with others. Believing that their lives and their relationship were not just for them, these two have been intentional about using their experiences of a blended family, multigenerational family, parenting, miscarriages, conflict resolution, etc., as tools to better equip others to reach God’s standard for their relationship. 

Dante Houston, Certified Christian counselor who is passionate about assisting couples and families in having healthy communication and godly success within young relationships.

Dante is Co-Founder of Proclaim It Loud, a ministry that provides access to resources via social media to encourage individuals to have a relationship with God. He is also a Co-host, alongside his wife on “Pillow Talk,” a Christian podcast that explores topics of faith, family, and relationships. He is a Christian Life Coach at Ardor, working beside his wife since 2019.


Dante’s background of crisis counseling, marriage counseling, and Master’s of Christian Ministry, accompanied with his faith, provide a solid foundation to assist you or your loved ones.

Areas of Specialty

Christian Dating

Marriage and Pornography


Marriage and Family

Conflict Resolution

Tanesha Houston, Certified Christian counselor passionate about assisting couples and families alongside her husband, as well as assisting young adults and teens in their lives and relationships. Tanesha has currently been appointed Co-Youth Director of the youth ministry at their local church. Tanesha has worked in the mental health field since 2015.


Tanesha is an author of “Apologetic-ally Speaking: Who Should I Trust With My Heart, Sex Life, and Views on Children?”, owner and designer for Just Proclaim, an online Christian apparel store, Founder of Proclaim It Loud, and Co-Host on “Pillow Talk”. She is also a Christian Life Coach and manager at Ardor.


Tanesha has a BS in Legal Studies with a concentration in Family and Mediation, an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Christian Apologetics. 

Tanesha’s Areas of Specialty:

Christian Dating

Conflict Resolution

Marriage and Family  

Children 6+




Stress Management


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