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Curtis and Katina Evans

Christian Counselors

Curtis and Katina

Curtis and Katina Evans, better known as the Evans, met as college sweethearts through Christian campus ministries. Married since 2005, they have four beautiful children whom they love and cherish. Curtis, a native of New York, and Katina, a native of Chicago, migrated to Atlanta, Georgia, where they currently reside. Since establishing themselves in Atlanta, they have continued their journey in Christian ministry, serving in various capacities at their local church and ALCC. Curtis, who has a keen discernment for problem-solving, obtained his Bachelor’s in Information Technology. Katina, gifted with the understanding of people, received her Bachelor’s in Psychology. With 20 years of Christian ministry experience, they both achieved their Certification in Christian Counseling to better serve marriages and families.

As Certified Christian Counselors, we are excited and dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families navigate life’s challenges. We are enthusiastic about assisting you to discover solutions found in God’s Word and practical application, leading you to better relationships and marriages. 

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