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Craig and Peggy Heath

Christian Counselors

Craig and Peggy Heath

Craig and Peggy Heath have been married at the time of this writing for nearly forty years. They met each other in college and today are both ordained ministers who have been serving the Lord together since they were married. They are also the proud parents of three lovely daughters ages 29, 34, 39.


Craig and Peggy currently serve at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church since their arrival in to Georgia in 2001 in Men and Women’s ministry as well as leading the Ministerial Alliance, a group of over 100 Elders and Ministers in the Gospel. They also have formed BounceBack Ministries, to help focus their ministry efforts outside of the church.


The Heath’s recognize that the journey of marriage is not always an easy one—and without the right help, many marriages fail. Schooled as engineers, God uses their spiritual knowledge combined with their trained problem-solving skills to systematically help couples to increase their odds of a successful and joyful marriage.

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