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Joshua Bush

Pastor, Christian Counselor

Joshua Bush

Josh's Specialties:

Marriage Counseling
Pastoral Care
Family Counseling
Foster Care

Josh has served in ministry for over 10 years working to help point others to Jesus. Following the example of Christ's teaching to Love God and Love People (Matthew 22:34-40), Josh has structured his ministry to encourage others to first love God by coming to faith and deepening their relationship with Him, and then allowing that faith to be displayed by their love and service towards other people (John 13:35).
Over the years he has served in youth and family ministry, Josh has been able to counsel and walk with, adults, couples, parents, and teenagers through various struggles and trials. His passion and purpose is to use the Word of God to build foundations and repair damaged relationships.
Josh is married to his wife, Kelsey, and together they serve as foster parents for the State of Georgia. He is an avid football fan and loves reading, watching movies (especially Star Wars) and spending time with his wife, and pets.

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